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What is Zenith Homes?

Zenith Homes is run by Jeremy Thilmony. Zenith Homes is a reputable house buying company in Warsaw. Since the beginning, the focus has been on helping people by providing a fast sale of a home. This opens up a lot of options for people that have felt stuck and unsure of what to do or who to turn to. This business is how we make a living. We always treat people with respect.

Zenith Homes - your friendly neighborhood home buyers.

Our Mission Statement

To give everyone an option to easily sell a house fast without having to sell with an agent. We buy houses so that you can do what you'd rather do with your time.

The Zenith Homes Difference

We're able to pay more than other house buying companies because we have set ourselves up with contractors that repair the houses at a discount for us. They give us these discounts due to the volume of work we provide them. This allows us to pay you more money for your house and allows us to still make a return on our investment.

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